Sunday, November 1, 2009

why are u wearing this?

Salamu’alaik ya nuha.

T0day we visited physi0therapy department.

Many kind 0f treatments are available-ultras0und,laser,tracti0n,tense,sh0rt-wave diametry(?) and etc.

During the visit I was asked by an intern,

“why are y0u wearing this?”
referring t0 my hijab.

I was silent f0r few sec0nds because that was my first time experiencing pe0ple asking why am I wearing hijab.

Then-my answer wasn’t a very g00d 0ne. I said:

D0 y0u kn0w h0w pe0ple easily have their 0wn pleasure by l00king at us (females)? This (h0lding my hijab) is 0ne way t0 prevent them fr0m having such pleasure easily and it’s 0ne way t0 pr0tect us fr0m be l00ked d0wn by them.

…………..h0pefully she g0t what I meant………………………………

That sh0rt c0nversati0n reminds me 0f all the days bef0re and after I put 0n my hijab.after I put 0n my hijab,pe0ple ar0und me indirectly understand that I have my 0wn say and respect me m0re-especially my c0usins and uncles-Alhamdulillah ,Allah ease my way. And yet an0ther Alhamdulillah because He still all0w me t0 c0ntinue wearing hijab.

hijab-is never hard t0 wear.^^

I pray f0r:
th0se wh0 want t0 put hijab 0n,but hesitate-may Allah firm ur decisi0n.

th0se wh0 put away their hijab-may Allah helps us t0 put 0n the hijab 0nce again

th0se wh0 never want t0 wear hijab-may Allah 0pen ur heart and illuminate it with His Hidayah-may Allah ease ur way t0 0bey His 0rder

th0se wh0 experiencing hardship by wearing hijab-may Allah rewards u with His Jannah

th0se wh0 already wearing hijab-may Allah give u strength t0 steadfast.ameen.

Allahumma afrigna ‘alaina sabraan,wa tsabit aqdamana wansurna ‘alal qaumilkafiriin.
Ya Allah,give us patience,firm 0ur steps and help us defeat kuffar.ameen.

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