Thursday, January 7, 2010

0h Muslim, reform yourself !

Salamu'alaik ya nuha.

here,i wanna share a talk fr0m Syeikh Khalid Yasin-

0h Muslim,reform yourself!

please d0 hear it.(eventh0ugh the quality 0f the picture is n0t that gud,but still the audi0 is clear.)

(i attached the vide0 here,but if it's n0t appear , please click here.jzkk.^^)

---a reminder f0r me and you.
there is no time to be ign0rant and diss0ciate 0urselves fr0m thinking ab0ut this ummah because 0ur real enemy (the syaitan) never st0p w0rking and w0rking t0 drag m0st 0f us d0wn t0 the deepest jahannam.nauzubillah.

may Allah lead us t0 His jannah,iA.

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