Friday, December 18, 2009


Salamu'alaik ya nuha.

Subhanallah,Alhamdulillah,La ilahaillallah,Allahu Akbar

Alhamdulillah,Allah still give us chance t0 experience an0ther year in 0ur life.

Alhamdulillah in manipal,the new hijr year has n0w c0me-year 1431 hijrah.

as y0u can see,in faceb00k,yah00 messenger,every1 is exchanging their wishes--
salam maal hijrah,happy new year f0r all muslims and etc..

Alhamdulillah,many are aware that new year has c0me and that als0 means an0ther year has ended.an0ther b00k 0f amal was sent up t0 Allah,an0ther new b00k 0f amal was laid d0wn-may this new b00k will be full with many stars and g00d deeds replacing the last b00k which was full with flaw and sins..(Astaghfirullah)

may the year 0f 1431 will bring m0re 0f His rahmat and blessings,m0re rizq,m0re f0rgiveness and m0re imp0rtantly as 0urselves sl0wly turning 0ld as well as each 0f 0ur cells,h0pefully with His will 0ur eeman als0 maturing thru0ut the passed years.iA.

Album :
Munsyid : Muadz Dzulkifli Al-Masaar

Amalan mulakan dengan niatmu
Dengan hatimu kau berhijrah kepada Nya

Whatever you do
Begins with your intention
Let your heart
Paves the way for the migration

And if the whole world let you down
Left you crying all alone
Change your intention
And surrender your heart to him

Say and believe (Say and believe)
He’s the One (He’s the One)
The only One for you (The only One for me)
He’s always there for you (He’s always there for you

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