Tuesday, August 19, 2008


a bouquet of flower He sent me!!


Salamu’alaik ya nuha.

Just wanna announce to all of you that I am having fever right now !!..after,He blessed me with 363 days, free of flu+dizziness+fever+cough.

Hmm..not really a steep price isn’t it? 363 days fully healthy when compared to 3 days of having fever.it just that it happens in exam week.heheh.but still,.Alhamdulillah,it just practical exam instead of theory exam which required the best state of everything.(health,emotion and preparation..)

Hmm..compared to those who’ve been given heavier test,this is a minute amount of remembrance Allah sent me as kifarah of my sins..another warmth reminder to remind me,that I am His. .this is also another way He prepares me for whatever future He planned for me.

Oh Allah,this fever you sent me,make me realized and agreed to one of Hadith ,Rasulullah pbuh left us. If I am not mistaken,it means some sort like this:

2 nikmat yang manusia akan terasa apabila sudah kehilangannya.pertama masa lapang dan kedua kesihatan.

So,nothing to be worried about..=) I just another servant He chooses to teach the value of the ‘free’ wellness He had given me all this long.

Hmm..sorry for bringing this matter up.eventhough,for you,this fever might just another silly topic to be put here,but not for me.fall sick is a very very very rare occasion.hee..thus , for me to have fever,it is something to celebrate..hahaha..

So,let’s celebrate by increasing our zikr ,prolong our dua,and spreading more and more kindness,share more love and make the best out of every nikmat or obstacles He set up for us . because whatever possible today might be impossible tomorrow.we never know.

thank You Allah,for sending this bouquet of 'flower' full with love,fully wrapped in this fever..=D

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