Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am talking to me

salamu'alaik ya nuha. are you lately??me,simply love to pile up the work , procrastinate , and now a seriously weird habit hits me.

I am someone who love to talk to myself and also to my stuffs,it just that I say it out loud.(instead of do it quietly) . heheh.and now,this habit is becoming more and more obvious . and I just can't help it!!

now,those who always around me, (my house-mate ,especially) start giving me weird looks,as they see me talking to myself,asking myself and the weirdest part for them is, I replied to every-single of my question..heheh.

for me,I don't take their weird look at me really seriously,but sometimes their gaze make me think,am I really a weirdo ? luckily ,they didn't know that I have my imaginary friend in my laptop (but,by now,they should be knowing as this post is published..heheh.).but I am fully aware that my 'imaginary friend' is just just like looking at kids who are talking to their teddy.nothing much than that.

then since my curiosity regarding this habit increasing , like always, internet will be my easy-access library . then this is all the info I gather from internet.

aiye,most of the site state almost the same thing which is:

self talking is maybe an early symptom of psychosis!!

waa..this is terrible..hoho..but my belief is still firm that I am normal and my mental state is still rational.because I remember read something regarding self talking in Reader's Digest many years back,and it stated that it is always fine to talk to yourself and your stuffs as long as your stuffs do not talk back to you..fuhh..

so far as I remember, my stuffs never reply to any of my questions,it is always me who replied for them..heheh..sounds scary..haih..whatever..

insya'Allah,this is not a big problem.heheh, I am just want to ask for your understanding.believe me, I am just not yet crazee..nauzubillah.


alonq_exe said...

dont worry. you are not the only one. haha

izzah said...


anwar al-johory said...


nak quote yang nih...

"it is always fine to talk to yourself and your stuffs as long as your stuffs do not talk back to you"

indeed, once ur stuffs starts talking to you... then you definitely need a psychiatrist...


as a matter of fact, take a look at this neat info...

izzah said...

hoho.. psychiatrist??