Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a little mu'min.

Salamu’alaik ya nuha..

How’s your day?mine , so far ,so Alhamdulillah..

Hmm.. little mu'min..simply create the title to attract you to read this post..heheh. there is one story I would like to share with you guys.that’s the main point I put it here.this story was told by an ustaz through his talk which was aired in IKIM (I think..can’t really remember.)

Hmm..let’s start the story-morie session.heheh.

If I am not mistaken ,this story took place in Palestin .yes,palestin.(a state which was forcefully deleted from the globe ,and insya’Allah it will return soon enough..)

that ustaz was having a humanitarian visit to Palestin at that time ,and he always saw kids throwing stones to the Israeli tanks.he wondered ,what's the main purpose of doing so? Bases on logic thinking, definitely , nothing will happen neither to the tanks nor to the soldiers who was driving the tank.most probably,the stones will make the tanks vibrate a bit and produces sound .that's farthest ,my logic can explain..on the other hand,those kids always get ‘something’ as return .and definitely that ‘something’ always not anything fancy.their life may also be in danger as it always cost their lives.

Fares Odeh from Gaza, age 13, throws a stone at an advancing Israeli tank sent
to disperse demonstrators with live ammunition. Nine days later, as Fares was
throwing stones at another Israeli tank, he was shot in the neck by an Israeli
sharpshooter and killed. Photo by Laurent Rebours of the Associated Press, 2000.

So,he asked the kids or one of the kid,I am not sure (who gonna remember,all that tiny2 details?).

“why are you throwing stones to the tank ? wil that make any good to you??”

And the answer given by that kid was far beyond our logic and critical thinking..only iman can explain.

“if ,Allah meant to destroy them ,this small stones can also be the cause!”

I , myself was stunned when I heard the answer..

Will you believe that ?? a small kid ,who is a real mu’min.as,his answer totally is reflection of his firm belief in last pillar’s of Iman -Qada’ and Qadar.

how about you? and the main question here, is how about me??

Have I ever reached that level of iman in past 20 years of my life?? I should be ashamed of myself .even a small kid can understand and apply iman in his life.how about me ? I am 20 (still 20,not yet hit my birthday.) ,but what I did is nothing more than wasting my sisa umur..never try hard to understand Islam and be a better muslim , a real mu’min.

I think, this is the point for me to change .can’t wait any longer, because I can’t guarantee that there is any tomorrow for me .even though life is never easy to change .but, I know that I can rely on you ,my sahabat2 , to lead me towards Islam ,guide me , teach me and pardon me when I do wrong.

Thanx for the support you’ve given me and for the teaching that you’ll give me.

Ukhwah fillah Abadan abada..=)

Duaa for the mujahideen and mujahidah all over the world…

"Allahumman suril Islama wal muslimeen fii kulli makaani wazzaman, Allahumma thabbit quluubahum,Allahumma thabbit aqdaamahum,Allahumman-surhum ‘alaa man‘aadaahum,Allahumma dammir a’ada-ahum,Allahumma zalzilil-ardho tahta aqdaamihim,Allahumma dhud wa-rudda ‘anhum, rabbana taqabbal minna du'aa ana innaka antas sami'ul 'aliim..ameen ameen."

"Oh Allah support the Islam and Muslimeen, anytime anywhere, Oh Allah make their hearts firm (in Imaan, Taqwaa, Tawakkul etc.), Oh Allah make their feet firm (uncompromising and steadfast), Oh Allah support them (the Mujaahideen) over those who show animosity to them, Oh Allah destroy their enemies, Oh Allah shake the earth beneath their (the enemies) feet, Oh Allah support our scholars, Oh Allah be with them and protect them, please accept our du'aas you are indeed the best knower and the best listener..ameen ameen..

the duaa taken (cilok) from blog NurHasanah Mazalan.trimas..


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Ameen!! =)

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izzah, what a great story... kat sini kite dpt nilai diri kita kalau kita betul2 FAHAM ISLAM itu...macam budak kecil tu maybe die tak ada pengetahuan yang mendalam pasal ilmu2 agama tapi die yakin (seperti yakinnya Bilal n Sumaiyyah menegakkan islam)...Alhamdulillah...moga2 Allah memberi kekuatan pada kita menghadapi serangan orang kafir yang makin menjadi-jadi ni...Ameen

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