Monday, July 28, 2008

the song I almost forgotten.

Salamu’alaik ya nuha.

Allahumma solli ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala alihi Muhammad.

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahaillallah Allahu Akbar goes the song..

Sayalah permata

Anak kesayangan

Kebanggaan ayah dan ibu

Saya dibesarkan dengan kasih sayang

Hanya yang terbaik untukku

Menjadi harapan dimasa hadapan

Sayalah anak yang cemerlang.

It’s been very long time since the last time I wrote it down , and even longer time from the last time I sang it.

Back to my school years ,this song was my favorite song ,and it was always there, on my table .wrote on coloured paper ,with all “creative” handwriting. fully covered with plastic wrapper ,on the centre of my table..

I love its lyric the most ,because it simply remind me to the effort my parents put to raised me up. =) (and it always motivate me to study..)

After almost a year here ,in Manipal , I almost forgotten this song until I reopened my anatomy book, after about more than 6 months it was left alone in the box.(I just want to help the spider to find a better place for its web) . heheh..I found a piece of paper (I love to slip in pieces of paper in my books.).. I wonder,what is it? or should I ask what it was?

Then , I realized . it was the paper I put inside the book, with the song I love written on it --as a booster for me to study but unfortunately it was left unused until the final exam already in its way to engulf me .huahuahua..

Now, as I found the song again, so I think this should be the right time to recollect all the good attitudes and better ways of study (during school years),instead of doing it in front of your laptop as what I do know . hahaha.. (not funny..). I hardly change the page of the book I was reading starting from the time I press my finger on the ‘power’ button until I shut it down again..

Izzah !!

Ok2.. i know..i need to put it to the end now..


Library , insya’Allah ,here I come again..or at least a meter away from my current study table.

ya Allah,terangkanlah hati kami,tenangkan hati kami,sihatkanlah tubuh badan kami..ya Allah, dorongkanlah kami untuk membaca topik2 yang akan keluar dalam peperiksaan,

bantulah kami memilih jawapan yang tepat dalam peperiksaan,peliharalah kami dari was2 ketika menjawab soalan..

ya Allah,izinkanlah kami untuk lulus dengan cemerlang dalam peperiksaan unis yang akan datang ini..


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