Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am going to Allah

Salamu’alaik ya nuha..

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Laailahaillallah Allahu Akbar.

In my way preparing for assignment given by kak Fatin,I came across this ayat which explained by Amr Khaled in his site.

“And he said, ‘Surely I am going to my Lord, soon He will guide me.’” (TMQ, 37:99).

Amr Khaled was actually telling story about The Story of Ibrahim (AS) “Abraham” and the Sacrifice.

I am not gonna write about the sacrifice Nabi Ibrahim did, but this one simple thing that he potrayed and applied in his life which I find really interesting. He (Nabi Ibrahim) was constantly moving from place to another, and every time he moved, he would say, “I am going to my Lord.”

Make this your motto whenever you go to a place. Especially as someone who always going here and there.classes,labs,food court even the basketball court..this niat will help us to gain more and more blessing from Him,as we are going to learn things that will profit the ummah and help others to become good along with us.

Eventhough we go for shopping,we can also apply this,as we need clothes to cover up our aurat ,rite? We also need food to maintain our health status..walking during shopping is also an exercise. Isn't the strong Muslim better to Allah (SWT) than the weak one?

Let’s start, I am going to bed for a nap (it is sunnah) .what should I say?
“I am going to ALlah ”

Moga ingat nak baca nak baca doa tidur dan doa bangun tidur.zzzzzz….


Erwina Nursyaheera Sulaiman said...

Assalamualaikum Izzah...

Wah, bestnye kate-kate tu. Satu cara yang baik untuk sentiasa betulkan niat. Syukran Izzah. Nanti ana slalu2 ingat nak ckp, "I'm going to Allah". Nak tido jap la, "I'm going to Allah". ^_^. Berusaha org di MMMC!~

maisarah said...


izzah said...

w'salam Wina.

indahkan..selama ni baca,xpernah rasa apa-apa pun.Amr Khaled sebut dalam site dia,baru perasan..=)

insya'Allah,sama2 kiter usaha kepada ummah yang lebih baik.

izzah said...

berusaha maisarah!