Tuesday, January 13, 2009

drowning class

Salamu’alaik ya nuha.

Yesterday ,we learned about drowning in forensic class.

Generally “drowning ” can be classified to:

1)wet drowning-in fresh water orin sea water
2)dry drowning-immersion syndrome(hydrocution),secondary drowning(due to infection and other complications )

Ok,enough of classification.

Next,we proceed to the pathophysiology.

Especially in case of fresh water drowning.

In fresh water we’ll expect around 0.6% NaCl.

When water enter the lungs—water from lungs,diffuse into blood vessels supplying the lungs—water enter systemic circulation—cause dilution of blood(haemodilution) and there is increase vol.of blood(hypervolemia)[occur within 2-3 min]—due to haemodilution ,RBC lyse—spilled ion (K+)in plasma—lead to hyperkalemia—lead to HEART FAILURE –DEATH (within next 4-5 min)

Fuhh..scary ..isn’t it.you may die if you drown around 6-8 min in fresh water..

As someone who had experience this,I am very grateful,as there is nothing serious happened to me.ALLah give me experience of drowning just enough to wake me up and realize that death may visit me anytime,anywhere.it just a salam given by izrael~I interpret it ,so.


Alhamdulillah.He had greeted me much earlier before the ‘true’ time comes.

Have you ever encounter a situation when your life is at stake and you was only thinking about death?thinking that you’ll never ever have a chance to say good bye to the loved ones?

If yes,think about our brothers and sisters in Gaza,in Iraq,in Chechen and all over the globe who’ve been tortured because they embrace Islam,because they uphold the syahadatain.

Think,compare and make change of ourselves.

an ummah start from me,then later-you.

"Oh Allah support the Islam and Muslimeen, anytime anywhere, Oh Allah make their hearts firm (in Imaan, Taqwaa, Tawakkul etc.), Oh Allah make their feet firm (uncompromising and steadfast), Oh Allah support them (the Mujaahideen) over those who show animosity to them, Oh Allah destroy their enemies, Oh Allah shake the earth beneath their (the enemies) feet, Oh Allah support our scholars, Oh Allah be with them and protect them, please accept our du'aas you are indeed the best knower and the best listener..ameen ameen..

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