Sunday, May 18, 2008

Allah has replaced it..

assalamualaikum..peace be upon you..=)

huhu..remember the entry entitled "will you marry you" ?
hmm..FYI , that book I was referring at that time "Life Is An Open Secret" by Zabrina A.Bakar , I lost it happened err..biler ek?

I remembered carrying that book to the football field during the football match and it was nicely placed on the green bench I sat on..huhu..then,later this forgetful me , walked back to my hostel not even bothering about leaving my "unfinished reading" book behind..hoho..then,tomorrow I went again to the field and I fully aware that for my book to be found is very little,with no-name on it (bijak..)..huhu..and as it was expeted , I cannot find my book..huhu..

I am not complaining as that was my fault..huhu..and alhamdulillah,today I found her (sis Zabrina) blog..hmm..such an awesome blog..a lot of stories waiting for me to read and reflect..thus,losing the book not really a big deal then..alhamdulillah..

Allah has replaced it ,but this time with something much better..

for those who would like to read her blog,it's there on the right side of your screen ,under column knowledge is power..enjoy reading you guys..hopefully you'll love her writing just like I do.=)

p/s : right after I published this post I got a call from maisarah..she told me that they found it !! and they left it in their lecture hall..eventhough I not yet have it in my hand,at least I know that my book is safe and sound..erk..macam bernyawa plak..ape2 pun , alhamdulillah!! =)


ana adalah ana said...

izzah2, sungguh cuai kamu ni mungkin ade dkt lecture hall kami..nnt if sy jumpe sy bg ye..[masa syafiq [class rep] kami buat announcement ramai yg tenanti2 sapela yg jiwang ni hehe..p/s: milaskh nk pinnjam tp sbb tak tau sape pemilik dier tak jadi pinjam tp tak tau la if syafiq main2 je ke..huhu]

ana adalah ana said...

tp sy nk pinjam nnt after exam blok..chop awal2 (n_n)

izzah said...