Saturday, May 3, 2008

who owns Islam?

Salamua’alaik ya nuha..semalam izzah gi dengar talk kat masjid jap..duduk bilik bukan boleh baca buku pon..malas giler.hmm..anyway . yesterday talk was entitled Who Owns Islam?? At first,I myself wonder,isn’t I am as a muslim is the owner of islam??what kind a bout you,who you think own islam?? Muslims? Non-muslims ?

Ok,let me give you a hint..if I am the one who bake the cake,and then I ask you who owns the cake?what gonna be your answer?it must be me rite..and then,if I give the cake to you,then who owns it now?then,it yours now, rite..the matter that you wanna eat it or not,can be put aside..let say,you refuse to eat my cake,but still it is yours isn’t it??

Then,same goes to islam dear,as Allah has given islam to the all humankind,it’s up to us,either we wanna accept it or not..but still each of us is the right owner of this very deen,regardless of our belief..

Next question the speaker raised was what is your purpose of living?? For money? For status?? What is the main aim of your life? Then,he gave excellent example:let say you met someone in the train.then you ask him,where are you going to?then he answer I dunno.then,obviously if you are someone with common sense you gonna ask him this~then why are you here (in the train) ? ,and if he answer I dunno..there must be something just not right with one can doubt that..

so,what is your purpose of living??
(see,how BIG impact this simple question can give to ur life..huhu)

Hmm..this question didn’t much have affect on me as I already know that I live for Him (easy to say,huh.)..but this very next question raised in my mind which matter~ do I really live for Allah?? do I drink and eat for Him?do I love you for Him ? do I study for Him? Will I able to stand proud in front of Him on the day of judgement saying that I ‘ve done enough good deeds back in my life before death?? I've done enough in my life to be labelled as a real muslim?? Can I later,happily receive my book of amal ?I’ve too much of renponsibilities to be fulfilled,a lot of work to be done to make me a real muslim..i am no better than you are..will I able to reach His Jannah ?? will I be considered as those who Allah called as al-muflihuun??

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