Sunday, May 4, 2008

will you marry you?

Huhu..that’s our muhasabah topic for today..will you marry you?? Will I marry me ??

If it is meant that you meet someone who is EXACTLY like you are in the term of characteristics ,behaviours and attitudes , will you marry her or him?? me, my answer is maybe..huhu..why not definitely?? Hmm..the longer I ponder to find the answer why maybe,instead of definitely, the more likely the “maybe” turn to “maybe not” as the list is getting longer and I find a piles of bad attitudes rather than the good I gonna end up as a spinster?? bout you? Will you marry you ?

Hmm..lot to change..hijrah..yeah,that;s the word I was looking for..HIJRAH..

I need to hijrah myself , no need to reach better by today,if I can at least able to achieve less bad (just if this word exist..huhu.. ) at the end of this day,it will be a very good start for me..isn’t it?..but I have to hijrah myself by my own effort as Allah stated in holy Quran:

(this is because Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition;and because Allah is Hearing and Knowing ) (Al-Anfal 8:53)

If I dun wanna take charge to change myself,then no one Allah himself will not do it for me..huhu..izzah,by hook or by crook you have to do it yourself..

Then, Allah give us this solution..turn to Him,then you may be successful.. 

(Turn towards Allah, O believers, every one of you,so that you may be successful) (An-Nur 24:31)

This is the simplest solution ever,as Allah guarantee us that we may be successful here and hereafter , as the word “so” is used.. like, read so you’ll pass your exam..(err,is it the time for me to stop now?huhu..) gonna put it to the end here..need to study,so that ,I’ll pass my exam..insya’Allah ..

Inspired by Life Is An Open Secret by Zabrina A.Bakar..

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